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the world of surface
Obsessive Compulsive Devotion
a void / la disparition
bower 2010
paintings 2009
the amorphous ones 2008
deviant neoplasm 2007
dark matter 2006
my body remembers 2006
to hold a bowl of water level 2005
the monsters 2004
the spring tune 2003
projects 2003
esque 2000-02
possession 2001
early work
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1. to hold a bowl of water level, 2005
performance- enacting the
literal meaning of the Chinese
idiomatic expression
to hold a bowl of water level
(idiomatic meaning- to see things
from both sides)
protest exhibition-
‘Demolish? Demolish. Demolish!’
Cuo Jia Cun artist village,
Beijing, China
Photo- Nell