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the world of surface
Obsessive Compulsive Devotion
a void / la disparition
bower 2010

paintings 2009
the amorphous ones 2008
deviant neoplasm 2007
dark matter 2006
my body remembers 2006
to hold a bowl of water level 2005
the monsters 2004
the spring tune 2003
projects 2003
esque 2000-02
possession 2001
early work
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1. Lionel Bawden Bower 2010
coloured Staedtler pencils, epoxy, incralac and
linseed oil, 11 forms, dimensions variable
Photo: Dean Beletich

The Newcastle Chest 2010
Commissioned by
Newcastle Region Art Gallery
with the assistance of
James and Judy Hart,
Robert and Lindy Henderson,
Valerie Ryan,
Newcastle Art Gallery Society and
Newcastle Region Art Gallery Foundation
Newcastle Region Art Gallery collection

Cabinetmaker Scott Mitchell
Australian red cedar (Toona ciliata),
NSW rosewood (Dysoxylum fraserianum),
River red gum (Eucalyptus camaldulensis),
tartan, glass and brass fittings
closed: 53.0 x 71.0 x 46.0 cm